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DEE DEE DEE [Diu: 7th
Mensis: October Annus: 2005 Hora: 12:26am]
[ mood | Dee Dee Dee! ]

well...first day of class and all is well. my teacher seems like a nice guy. i spent 2 hours reviewing math, and an hour writing an essay called "What I Expect From My GED." i'll know tuesday what he thought of it....he'll either like it or hate it depending on his sense of humor. i met a girl i haven't seen in many years. Nicole...you may remember her. the christy that lived at the top of Ser J's? apparently she got married as soon as she turned 18, and has never regreted it. i was high as hell during class thanks to smoking earlier with kelly and chad...had to leave 4 times to go get more sprite. lol done with my GED in 3 months or less. damn...now if i can just get a job i'll be set.

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[Diu: 9th
Mensis: September Annus: 2005 Hora: 5:36am]

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Good Times [Diu: 9th
Mensis: September Annus: 2005 Hora: 5:30am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

well tonight has been....interesting.

left about 1 am. went to kellys since her mom went to virginia to see some "friends". had happy happy fun time then a quick trip to the store ends us up taking a couple drunk hitchiking chicks to their friends house.

time for round 2! *frowns as his dick turns into a psychic and the phone rings* kellys mom called and said she was on her way home....i had to bounce quick. so home again in time to have breakfast when they get up.

*sigh* next time will go MUCH better.

time for a snack and some games now...not tired at all.

p.s. live journal: ALLEGRA BLOWS!

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[Diu: 15th
Mensis: August Annus: 2005 Hora: 10:32pm]
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